In 2021, in the whole seaside resort of Biarritz, with the official support of Radio France and France 3, l'exhibition Jackie and the Kennedys attracted over a million visitors. 

In preparation for the'exhibition The Guardians of the Holy Landexpected on April 1, 2023, the Commemorative Plate The Templars is already on sale. In its composition, extracts from the Holy Land of Jerusalem. C'is a unique, exceptional object for celebrating upcoming religious holidays. Tableware The Templars are numbered from 1 to 30. To order yours, contact directly to find out which numbers are still available. 

We know that many of you appreciate the quality of our collections, we hope to always satisfy you.

Enjoy your reading.

Plate The Templars in the Holy Land

Maison Templar

Plate The Templars


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