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Ben Hogan, that's life! The beautiful book dedicated to the American champion published by Templar Presse

Frédéric Lecomte-Dieu is a great specialist of the United States and of the Kennedy family, to which he has dedicated remarkable books and exhibitions.

Frédéric also loves golf. After a magnificent book dedicated to Bobby Jones, here is the latest release from the Templar Presse publishing house with which he collaborates: Ben Hogan, that's life!

He presents it to us:

After exploring the life of Bobby Jones for nearly two years to write ETERNAL BOBBY JONES, prefaced by Gary Player, the late Peter Alliss and his grandson Bob Jones IV - who gave us a big boost by declaring:  "this book is one of the best ever written about my grandfather, it is a reference for our family..."I decided to devote my research to a character I didn't really like at first. 

Book on Ben Hogan

After that, I changed my mind completely. Ben Hogan was a courageous, intelligent man, passionate about golf, passionate about hearing the stories of other playing partners. At just 9 years old, he had to deal with the suicide of his father, Chester Hogan, a blacksmith by trade. His mother, older brother, Royal, and sister, Princess, found themselves in dire financial straits.

He and Royal sold the Fort Worth newspaper - where they lived - in the evenings at Central Station. He was a child discovering nightlife. A little over a year later, his brother tells him he could earn more money - at least to bring home - carrying golf bags. Ben immediately accepts. He had to walk almost 20 kilometers to the caddie master at Glen Garden Country Club and back. There he meets Byron Nelson. The son of a wealthy family, he only caddies at weekends so he can play golf.

They become friends and adversaries.