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Eternal Bobby Jones: the true hero of the Bagger Vance legend

In the collection Beaux livres, Templar Presse Éditions presents an unpublished album in French version on the exemplary career of Robert Tyre Jones Jr, better known as Bobby Jones.

"I'm delighted to write this introduction celebrating the life and career of Bobby Jones.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, thousands of miles from Atlanta, Georgia, but Bobby Jones' story undoubtedly helped inspire mine and, as a result, it gave me the opportunity to come full circle.

When Bobby Jones retired from competitive golf to devote himself to his family, his career as a lawyer and perhaps the greatest achievement of his life, creating Augusta National Golf Club, I had to deal with the vagaries of my own life and my own course.

I believe Bobby Jones' greatest achievement was the creation of Augusta National Golf Club, not his incredible accomplishments as a golfer. He wanted a place to meet friends, family and associates. That was the Augusta National Golf Club.

Book L'Eternal Bobby Jones


This book is the fruit of two years' work, research and writing. Over 220 rare photographs, accompanied by previously unpublished anecdotes. The book has received the official support of the family of the founder of Augusta National Golf Club and the only holder of the Grand Slam to date. Robert Tyre Jones IV, moved by the tribute paid to his grandfather, shares his thoughts on the legacy of this exceptional man. South African champion Gary Player wrote the introduction, "Jones was like a father to me.

As for the voice of golf, former professional and unrivalled commentator of the British Open, the late Peter Alliss, he agreed to write a few lines to thank the author, Frédéric Lecomte-Dieu, for this work. "My father, Percy, knew him very well".