ALBUM Marilyn Monroe: The Secret of America , available from February 01, 2024 ( new edition )

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Marilyn Monroe, America's Secret

Foreword by Francis Huster
Introduction by Hervé Chérubini, Mayor of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Format 30 cm x 30 cm
480 pages

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Marilyn Monroe, America's Secret, is a first in its own right.

Through more than 220 photographs, accompanied by texts by David Lawrence, this album introduces readers to the main characters in Norma Jeane's and Marilyn Monroe's career.

His curiosity, his greed for Anglo-Saxon and French literature, his passion for painters as diverse as Vincent Van Gogh, for Auguste Rodin, for poets such as Walt Whitman. His friendships with Norman Rosten, Karen Blixen and the insolent Truman Capote. Joe DiMaggio and the hope of true love: Arthur Miller.

The emotion is dense, palpable. As we go along, step by step, we move away from the lies and clichés to get closer to the truth.

If the title evokes the impenetrable, there is indeed a secret to unravel before leaving this luxurious album. Not the mystery of his disappearance, but the essence of his being.

To lose Marilyn Monroe was to lose an ally of words. The official supporter of those left behind in American society. The voice of those exiled for their various commitments, in an America fiercely opposed to communism and all its forms.

To lose Marilyn Monroe was to lose the official support of the African-American community, whose basic rights had been scorned.

Marilyn loved the other. Without naivety.

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